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The quintessential Japanese starters or snacks

In Japanese cuisine there are some dishes or ingredients that stand out above the rest. Sushi is the main dish of all the orders we receive at Monster Sushi and yakisoba is the best hot side dish to complete the meal. But we can't forget the perfect Japanese starters or snacks to complete your Japanese menu

There are two starters that stand out from the rest: edamame and gyozas. Edamame is the healthy snack of Japanese restaurants. For fans of Asian cuisine, edamame is probably one of the main stars on the starters menu of any self-respecting Asian menu. These boiled soybean pods are delicious and have multiple properties and health benefits.

However, gyozas are, without a doubt, the best Japanese starter. Gyoza has become the favorite Japanese starter. The simplest way to define this Asian specialty is to say that they are a kind of dumpling that is boiled and then fried in a frying pan to give it a crunchy touch. Monster Sushi gyozas are filled with chicken and sautéed vegetables.

Miso soup

Miso soup is a Japanese soup prepared with dashi broth and miso paste, which gives it its name. This soup is a basic accompaniment to Japanese cuisine that is served at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Miso, which literally means "source of flavor," is a paste made from soybeans fermented with sea salt.

Miso soup is made up of two essential ingredients: dashi, which is the base of the soup, and miso (flavored soybean paste), which is dissolved in the dashi. Two different types of miso are commonly used, shiro-miso (mild) or aka-miso (strong and salty).

The Tataki

One of the virtues of Japanese cuisine is its variety of culinary techniques, which are based on respect for the product. Tataki is a cooking technique. It consists of pan-frying a whole piece of fish or meat for a very short time over a very high heat.

Tataki, sushi and sashimi are perhaps the three most famous dishes in Japanese cuisine. The difference is that tataki is cooked, although the inside remains raw. At Monster Sushi you can taste our exquisite tuna and salmon tataki.

Chicken snacks at Monster Sushi

If you're more into meat than fish, we also have two special starters for you. Our Sticky Chicken Wings and Tori Katsu. The chicken wings are cooked and fried, then baked in a spicy sauce of soy sauce, water, sugar, vinegar, garlic powder and salt. Delicious and sticky chicken wings!

On the other hand, Tori Katsu are crispy battered chicken strips. This is a very popular Japanese dish in Hawaii. It consists of fried chicken in panko breadcrumbs. Panko is the Japanese breadcrumbs that has the particularity of being very crispy. The most common is to accompany these crispy chicken strips with tonkatsu or katsu sauce. Tonkatsu sauce is a sweet, salty and spicy condiment.