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Your favourites in a sushi combo

With your friends, as a couple or with your family, when it's time to order Japanese food, sometimes it's hard to agree on something. However, the sushi sets are the best allies. These trays contain multiple combinations to satisfy everyone's palate.

First, it is important to distinguish which pieces are your favourites. Maki is the most popular, rolled in a sheet of nori seaweed, with a single ingredient or with several (uramaki), but tempura rolls and nigiris are also popular. Combined rolls are the best option so you can order a variety of rolls.

Combinations for all tastes

At Monster Sushi you'll find all kinds of combinations, with 7, 8, 8, 16 and 24 pieces. So, you can combine your top rolls or different types of sushi. One of the best options to share Japanese food when you order at home are the ½ cocktails:

Unicorn Mix

Half of a Unicorn roll and half of a Frisky roll. In total 4 pieces of tempura prawn, avocado and cream cheese, topped with butterfish and anticucho sauce; and 4 pieces of tempura prawn and cucumber topped with eel and avocado. Two of our top rolls now combined in one tray, so you can try two types instead of one.

El Negrito Mix

4 four pieces of negrito: tuna tartar, avocado, cucumber, philadephia and tobiko; and 4 pieces of king salmon: avocado salmon and cream cheese, covered with roe. The best of tuna and salmon, two fresh rolls that combine perfectly. Order now your negrito mix at Monster Sushi delivery or take away.

California Mix

For the #sushilovers of california, we bring your favorite pieces now in a combo so you can enjoy both rolls at the same time. Eight pieces of California: avocado, cucumber, philadelphia and roe, of which 4 are made with salmon and 4 with crab.

Maguro Mix

A combination suitable for coeliacs? Let's go! Four pieces of avocado maguro: tuna, avocado and cream cheese; and four pieces of avocado sake: salmon, avocado and cream cheese. At MonsterSushi we want everyone to be able to enjoy our creations. You will also find other gluten free combinations such as: the maki mix, the japo express, the nigiri lovers and the sushi classic.

Salmon and Tuna Maki Mix

The definitive combination for those in love with one bite pieces, the unconditional maki lovers. 4 pieces of salmon maki and 4 pieces of tuna maki. This combo is also suitable for coeliacs.

Nigiri Lovers

Are you more into nirigirs than makis? We have the perfect combo for you. Enjoy this combination of 7 nigiris: 4 salmon, 2 tuna and 1 prawn. A complete tasting of our nigiris, so you can enjoy the unique taste of the fish cut on a rice base.

Japo Express

The japo express is the combination of 16 pieces that includes all types of elaborations: 4 Sashimi Salmon, 2 Sashimi Tuna, 4 Sake Avocado, 4 Maguro Avocado, 1 Salmon Nigiri and 1 Prawn Nigiri. If you are thinking of ordering Sushi in Barcelona our japanese express combo is your best option. Freshly made sushi to enjoy the most of traditional cuisine and the innovation of our sushi chefs.

6x4 DeluxeRoll

The ultimate combo. If you are a true #sushilover and want to order the most complete Monster Sushi combo, the 6x4 deluxe roll is your perfect choice. 24 Top Rolls: 4 El Negrito, 4 California, 4 Frisky, 4 Unicornio, 4 Sake Avocado and 4 Wakame.