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Nigiris, one of the most popular types of sushi

Nigiris are one of the most popular types of sushi. They are simpler to prepare than other pieces, but without a doubt the favorite of many lovers of Japanese cuisine and gastronomy. Along with maki, is the most consumed worldwide. Its simplicity at a visual level, harbors a complex preparation. Each ingredient takes special care, and each step must be very meticulous.

Nigiri is sushi consisting of a ball of rice that is shaped by hand and served with a piece of thinly sliced raw fish or other ingredients such as cooked octopus, eel or omelet. Unlike other types of sushi such as maki or temaki, nigiri is not wrapped in nori seaweed.

Among the nigiris, the favorite is salmon, followed by tuna. To enjoy a good sushi tasting, you must know what is nigiri and how to eat it to enjoy it with all its nuances.

Distinguishing the best nigiris

It is very easy to distinguish between good and bad quality nigiris. That's why we recommend you pay attention to certain points that will guarantee the success of your next sushi delivery order: At Monster Sushi we use the best ingredients and raw materials, always fresh; we prepare the dishes on the spot, always following the required safety and hygiene protocols; our chefs take care of each dish and its nuances to the maximum to always offer the best possible.

Take a look at our Monster Sushi menu and discover all our elaborations: Nigiri with salmon, tuna, sea bream, prawns or eel. Each piece of Nigiri sushi consists of a portion of rice moulded in the shape of an oval, (it can also be made in a rectangular shape) and this piece is covered on the top by a slice or sheet of fish.

Normally Nigiris do not have nori seaweed, but sometimes they can have a small strip or decorative ribbon of seaweed to bind the rice and fish, like when you wrap a small gift and want to decorate it with a pretty ribbon, in this case it can also serve to keep the rice and fish together. A brooch with which we like to present our preparation with eel. This type of Nigiri is called Nigiri Gunkan.

The best accompaniments to nigiri

All our pieces are accompanied by wasabi and ginger. The ginger is used to eliminate the taste left in the mouth by the last piece you have tasted. This way you can continue tasting the following nigiris in all their splendor. The ginger serves to reset the aftertaste that remains in the mouth and receive a new bite.

The wasabi, on the other hand, should be spread on the top piece. According to the best Japanese chefs, the wasabi should be eaten with the fish, just like the soy sauce. You know what's missing? That you enjoy our pieces as the good chefs recommend, they even say that eating it with your hand is much better!