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The Japanese beers of Monster Sushi

Although Japan is not on par with other countries in terms of beer consumption, the Japanese consider beer to be a leisure product, more suitable for drinking outside of meals. However, we will explain the best way to combine beer with any sushi dish.

Japanese beer culture is built around a few brands, which we will explain below. In general, they are full-bodied beers with a lot of character. At Monster Sushi we have them all:

  • Sapporo: a lagger with a city name, characterized by its freshness and subtle bitter notes. Perfect to soften the spicy ones.
  • Asahi: a light beer with a very refreshing taste, notes of malt and rice, perfect for a starter.
  • Kirin: soft beer, with a base of water, corn, barley malt, rice and hops. Our favorite for pairing with makis.

But if you do not dare with oriental beers, you are a faithful to the Spanish beer, you can order Estrella Galicia (also in 0.0% and gluten free formats).