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The gastronomy of the land of the rising sun goes far beyond sushi and rolls. Its main characteristic is the seasonality of its products, the quality of the ingredients and the presentation of the dishes. Three elements that are part of the philosophy of MonsterSushi, and this is reflected in every detail of your order.

Japanese cuisine, heavily influenced by both Western and Asian cuisines, abounds in soups, meats and noodle or rice dishes. Pasta dishes are also very important in Japanese gastronomic culture.

MonsterSushi Meats

In our menu you can find typical Japanese dishes such as Spicy Beef, a Japanese beef tenderloin stir-fry in a wok with vegetables and rice. This Japanese sirloin wok is a delicious way to taste a good beef.

The Chicken Teriyaki from the MonsterSuhi fires combines poultry meat with one of the most important sauces in Japanese gastronomy: chicken sautéed with teriyaki sauce. Crispy Duck, Cantonese-style crispy duck, will conquer your stomach. A duck with crispy skin, soft and sweet, a delicious meat with the smell of marinated spices. The Basil Chicken, chicken sautéed with fresh basil and a touch of chili and served with rice in a wok style, but with enough sauce to soak the rice.

The Monster Sushi Yakisoba

Yakisoba is a very simple Japanese-style fried noodle dish, very typical of Japanese street cuisine. It is grilled noodles sautéed with vegetables al dente and soy-based sauce with a characteristic sweet touch. You can enjoy them at home or try them in our restaurant.

We have several varieties of Yakisoba at Monster Sushi: Vegetable Yakisoba, Chicken Yakisoba, Prawn Yakisoba and Beef Yakisoba. The vegetarian option is made of noodles with vegetables, while the other options contain pieces of chicken, beef or prawns. Its star ingredient is Yakisoba sauce, a Japanese delicacy that accompanies all four versions and gives its name to this hot dish.

Thanks to our home delivery and pick-up service, you can enjoy these dishes anywhere, whether at home, at work or on the street.

Pad Thai, one of the most famous dishes of Thai food, is a wok stir-fried dish based on rice noodles. Try it stir-fried with prawns, chicken, bean sprouts, peanuts and tamarind sauce.

Japanese style fried rice

Yakimeshi, on the other hand, is also known as Japanese-style fried rice and is also seasoned and fried with other ingredients such as: Japanese-style chicken, prawns, beef or vegetables. In the end, both gohan and yakimeshi are very versatile dishes and this is because the rice itself is versatile. At Monster Sushi you can try the Vegetable Yakimeshi, Chicken Yakimeshi, Prawn Yakimeshi or Beef Yakimeshi.